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To or not to Tag/Categorise?

As you may have noticed from my blog posts, the tags and categories at the top of the posts are a bit all over the place (let’s not talk about the comments just yet!). I need to do something with them but in making this decision, I have come to question whether it is absolutely necessary to show them.

I have to say, that in all my time reading other people’s blogs and articles online, I rarely (if ever) refer to the tags. I understand how they work for SEO and certainly the categories are a great way to subdivide articles into relevant titles (as is used in the sidebar here). But is it really necessary to show these tags and categories on the actual blog post?

My feeling is no, it’s not. That’s not to say that they shouldn’t be used, just that I don’t see it as necessary to show them all the time. I’ve also had trouble thinking about how I should display them cleanly in relation to the post.

All feedback, as always, greatly appreciated.

And I’ll sort out the comments soon too, I promise!